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Let there be light and green grass!

Safety & Security

Properly placed lighting can give you safety while enhancing the look of the landscape at the same time. For example, putting fixtures in a tree canopy that mimics a full moon gives you added safety and is beautiful at the same time. There are many options if you are looking to add safety to your property or to illuminate walkways to your home.

  • Area/Accent Lighting

  • Up Lighting of trees or walls

  • Under Ledge or In-step Lighting

  • Tree Canopy Lighting

Area/Accent Lighting

Lighting itself can be a beautiful addition to your property landscape. The fixtures themselves can range from modern to basic to ornate and attention getting. At

K P Sprinklers we want your home or landscape to be the attention grabber.

  • Sconces on pillars or walls

  • Up lighting in a pergola or canopy to show detail

  • Complimenting pool lighting with ornate fixtures

  • Dimming certain lights to create scenes

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight specific features of your garden and property. There are many different lighting techniques.

  • Path way Lights

  • Focal Point Enhancement Lighting

  • Deck or Patio Enhancement Lighting



There is a huge difference between the quality of materials and longevity of bulbs. At

K P Sprinklers we only use heavy gauge wire, cast brass fixtures, and watertight wire connections. By doing this we reduce the potential for corrosion in connections and heat which are the top two causes of premature bulb failure. K P Sprinklers makes sure your system is assembled properly. All of our systems are custom for your specific yard. The transformer is sized according to your installation. This is what separates us from a system purchased at a box store and a professional lighting installation.

Contact K P Sprinklers to learn more and receive a free consultation with one of our landscape lighting experts.


K P Sprinklers lighting specialists design custom lighting solutions to fit your lifestyle, taste, your home and your needs. Whatever your desired effect, K P Sprinklers has a vast library of options and design ideas to help find you the perfect solution you will love for nights to come. Some popular styles of lighting include:

Area/Accent Lighting

Area/Accent lighting is a style of lighting primarily used for safety, usually on pathways. In some landscapes they can enhance plant material or set a mood in a particular area. They are typically mounted on stakes or posts. The height is based on application and effect. Fixtures range from minimal to decorative taking on the style of an ornate lantern. At K P Sprinklers we try to make path light as inconspicuous as possible.


Spotlighting is exactly what you might imagine; a more intense light used to draw your eye to a focal point, brighter, more intense light on a specific area of your house or landscape. Spotlighting adds drama and intensity at night. This application will bring the bark of a White River Birch alive at night or the Blue on a Spruce pop. It is a bold statement and can be quite beautiful is done judiciously throughout your outdoor lighting design like a spot light on painting in your home.

Moon Lighting

This landscape lighting technique is quite literally called moon lighting because the desired effect is to emulate the color and intensity of moonlight on your home. This is accomplished by mounting fixtures at a point of 25’ plus and adding a blue lens that mimics moon light. Moonlighting has a beautiful warm and welcoming effect at night especially around a seating area or fire pit.


Backlighting your landscape can have a very elegant effect. Backlighting is where you cast a light on the back of an object. By drawing your eye to the back of a tree or planting it creates the illusion of depth. Backlighting is a great solution for short yards in an urban setting or city courtyards.


Like spotlighting, in landscape lighting uplighting adds significant drama for a beautiful and bold effect. When done properly, uplighting creates height in your landscape. We use different angle bulbs to either flood an area or narrow angle through light further up a wall. This could be seen as a version of spotlighting where the spots are positions very low resulting in dramatic shadows.


This effect is created by the use of lower wattage bulbs or lens filters. By using light sparingly it can create shadowing effect or silhouette of a focal point. Fixtures are intentionally positioned to cast a dramatic shadow from a unique plant or statue in your landscape. What better way to draw attention to the unique shape of a Japanese Maple than to create a silhouette it.

Schedule a Consultation with K P Sprinklers

Call us at (630) 862-0175 or contact us online to set up a consultation.


Optional Outdoor Lighting Components:

  • Astronomic System Timers (adjust to sunset times)

  • Scene controllers/remotes

  • iEcogreen which includes LED bulb replacement, timer update, fixture re-positioning



Whatever your lighting needs

K P Sprinklers will keep your lights beautiful every season of the year.

Even if K P Sprinklers did not design your existing landscape lighting, we can maintain it. Our maintenance programs like our design and installation are custom tailored to fit your unique needs. We start our landscape lighting maintenance with a consultation and review of your existing system. Then one

of K P Sprinklers lighting experts will put together a recommended maintenance plan for your lighting. Our lighting team can also make recommendations on small enhancements to your existing system or help you change anything about your lighting system you want.

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