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Spring Start-up

Starts in April
A Spring Start-up Includes:
•     Turning on water supply
•     Checking backflow device and system piping for leaks
•     Checking all heads for proper spray adjustment
•     Checking all zone valves for proper operation
•     Removing overgrown grass on sprinkler heads
•     Setting timer for efficient watering (for the current time of year)

Winterization Services

Completed from September – November
Winterization Service Includes:
•     Turning off water supply
•     Drain all excess water from pipes
•     Turn off timer

Service and Repair

Our service department is available year round.
•    Sprinkler Head replacement
•    Solenoid valve repair/replacement
•    Controller (timer) repair/replacement
•    Electrical troubleshooting and repair
•    Weather sensor replacement
•    Backflow and broken lines repair/replacement

•    Wireless Weather Sensor Install


Other Services Offered

•     Back flow preventers
•     RPZ certification
•     Utility Trenches
•     Cable & Pipe Plow
•     Potted Plants Irrigation


Proactive updates and maintenance service to your irrigation systems can save you money in water bills and can prevent larger irrigation problems down the line. In addition to professional services, we recommend that you examine your irrigation system once a month to check for leaks or pooling.

Some of the irrigations systems services we provide include:

  • Defective sprinkler head replacement

  • Existing system revision for better coverage

  • Irrigation controller installation and programming

  • Leak repairs

  • Reduce pressure zone replacement

  • Root obstruction clearing

  • Sprinkler head re-routing

  • Stay right or simmer pump installation

  • Underground valve replacement

  • Spring turn ons & Fall shut downs

  • Mid-season service

  • Repairing leaks

  • Reduce Pressure Zone (RPZ) replacement with warranty

  • Installation and programming of irrigation controller

  • Wireless rain sensor installation

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